This story serves as a sequel to Power On, kindly read that before continuing.

Hey, it's CeleBaby again. This time, I actually encountered him. Well, more like I'm held captive by him.

Ever since the New Years caper, I've been searching bit by bit on him, but I decided to give up and settle down for my final year of school.

It's been a bit depressing lately. Being back in school, had to break up with my boyfriend and I only have a handful of friends left, one of which doesn't even listen to me when I talk. I've really turned a lot to my Gamecube as being my salvation. Getting home and booting it up just makes me grin again.

So lately I've been having so much fun playing with Chao on SA2B. If you've seen me on the forums, you'll know that's true, with the pictures of my Chao.

Anyway, I got a bit bored doing the same missions over and over, so I decided to do some old school. It's too bad I chose Sonic Gems over Sonic Mega Collection...

I selected Sonic R, but the usual loading screen didn't show.

Instead, my lamp flickered out and my TV went black.

I thought to myself, "Aw hell, a blackout." But I was wrong. Just before I could call to my mom, an image appeared in the middle of my TV.

None other then the doll!

My heart began to pound, but he didn't come out or anything. He just bobbled up and down. The words he spoke felt like they weren't even of this world.

"Found you."

I narrowed my eyes. "What do you mean 'Found me'?"

"Just what it sounds like. You're one of the seven purest souls I've been looking for."

Seven purest souls? Wasn't that what that guy Sam had mentioned in the stories? So apparently I'm one of them?"

"Even through your depression, you still find ways to be positive. You're a mark of the pure soul of wisdom. Now you are mine!"

"Forget it," I snapped. I wasn't about to sacrifice myself to a monster.

Little did I know the Tails Doll LOVES blackmail.

"So you won't help me, hm? Perhaps you need convincing...Bert! Show her our recent victim!"

"Master Silver??" I shrieked. Indeed, the Neo Metal Sonic look alike appeared next to the Tails Doll. And he was holding someone unconscious...

"God, no...why him, of everyone in the world...??" I screamed at my TV.

"Sorry CeleBaby..." Master Silver mumbled.

In Master Silver's clutches was my close friend, nicknamed Zeko. He and I were both betrayed by my ex best friend and we had both grown especially close to the point of a crush. But now...

I growled at the thought of someone very close to me in trouble because of me and what's in me.

"What do you want of me, Tails Doll?"

"For now, I just want you to come to my lair. I don't have any use for just one or two of the purest souls. I need all seven to unleash the true power..." Tails Doll's voice faded.

I hesitated. I still had so much to live for in this lifetime.

"Do it or he dies."

I looked up, furiously. "You'll set him free, if I come with you, right? No backstabbing? Just set him free right now, and I'll..." I bit my tongue. "I'll go with you."

"Good girl." With that, Master Silver set Zeko down and he faded from view. I closed my eyes and I felt myself being transferred.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a room that resembled my own, with the same posters, stuffed animals and plushies, even the same Gamecube and games. I opened the door and I saw dark hallways.

It's not too bad, but it's incredibly lonely here. Sure Master Silver and I are here and we're friends, but I miss my mom and my other friends. I still get to go on the web with the help of MS, but I can't use MSN, because I'm afraid of showing Tails Doll more victims or use for blackmail.

Sometimes, I'm even stuffed in another room with that guy, Sam, who told everyone about the seven purest souls. Tails Doll keeps trying to figure out how to use our souls for his own power.

I don't know what will happen, but with the help of MS, I'll keep you updated.


The story continues in Do the Math

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