My name is Masterweaver. I am a Criad. I keep the stories running right, so Aragorn doesn't get swamped by dimension-hopping fangirls, or Mario does not encounter the borg. This is my job, and my passion.

It also means I've done some things I regret.

Contrary to popular belief, THE Tails Doll is not the only tails doll, nor even the first. There was one of them in the game Tails Adventure, though radically different and under another name. Mecha Tails, as it was called, had a far different purpose than that of its doppelganger down the line. It was designed as a cheery, helpful assistant to the fox, arranging new paths for him to walk on. Harmless and, in fact, friendly.

How it escaped from the games, I don’t know. That’s not my concern, but the department of glitch-treks. However, I was the closest Criad at the time. No records show whether it was supposed to be there, so I was assigned the duty of making sure he did not truly interfere with time. For about a week, I managed to hide it from everyone, whilst hiding myself from it. Such is my life. Such it will always be.

Then it found a working internet connection. And googled “Mecha Tails.” From there, it heard of THE Tails Doll. And it hit google.

And learned.

And loathed.

Somehow, it managed to get a hold of Sonic R. It placed the CD in a shrine. And it waited in front of the shrine for three whole days. With a rifle.

The Tails Doll did not come.

Mecha Tails was a smart creature. It learned. And so, in order to summon and slaughter the Tails Doll, it placed the game on the doorstep of a child. I did nothing. The game was recorded as ending up there, and now I knew why. Mecha Tails waited. I watched.

It still had the rifle.

Finally, THE Tails doll appeared. He was floating slowly down the street, as though he had all the time in the world. He was coming for the child. As he had come before, as he would come again.

Only this time, Mecha Tails raised the rifle and fired.

If it had hit its target, time and space would have gone askew. Horribly, terribly destroyed. But it was in that moment I landed on Mecha Tails, at that moment he was terminated. The bullet whizzed harmlessly past Tails Doll’s ear.

With its last crackle, Mecha Tails looked at me and asked, “What kind of monster are you?”

I pondered. “Fate.”

The Tails Doll floated over. “You saved my life. Why?”

I could not tell him that it was my job. I turned back to him and said, “You should wither, not merely die.”

He nodded. “Remember that when I find you.” He floated through the window. I watched what he did.

If I ever receive a copy of Sonic R, it will only be a matter of time before I finish at one hundred percent. When he comes, I will be ready.

I am a Criad. I keep the stories in check. No matter how dark they are.

The story is continued in Not my Story, also by Masterweaver.

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