This story serves as a sequel to It's a Trap, also by the same author. Kindly read that before continuing. Additionally, it is connected to the stories featuring Zeph (Tails Doll's New Puppet and Newest Mission).

He lied! I'm sure I'll get punished for this, but he was lying! I'm lucky to get enough time to write this, but shortly after he finished writing the last email, he said something along the lines of, "Damn tradition," and encouraged me to play Sonic R since the curse wasn't real. Well, I trusted him at this point, so I let him go and proceeded to unlock Mecha Knux, since that was the character I always left so I wouldn't be cursed.

It wasn't long before I had the game 100% complete. I was about to go to Resort Island and try out Mecha Knuckles, but I started to hear a tapping, like that I heard on the Tails Doll's first visit. I let him in through my window expecting a friendly conversation. However, this wasn't the case. He looked me in the eye and said, "So, you believes Tails Doll? Good, I has trust then. You'll live, for that act of kindness towards me. But we's got to go. Slave."

I hesitated. In his eyes, I could see no fear, no remorse, and I couldn't tell if he was lying or kidding from his monotone voice. Eventually "Can You Feel the Sunshine" started playing. I was filled with fear, so I left with him. "Good," he said. "You makes good choices, doesn't you?"

We walked ( no, I walked, he hovered) for about seven miles. After that, I was expecting the ground to open up or something like that. But he said, "The jewel on my head, remove it." I did as I was told, and in a second, the doll was gone. I was really afraid then. But I then heard a voice in my head utter the words, "Chaos control!"

Instantly, we were gone, to some strange place. It was quite cosmic. "Drop the jewel." Once again doing as I was told, I carefully set the jewel down. The moment I relinquished it, he appeared once again, dangling from the small jewel. "We of the nonliving cannot harness Chaos Control without a host. I'm glad to be apart from that world again... You noticed my grammar was hideous? Yes, a side effect of being non-sentient in a living world. You will have power, for helping me. Zeph!"

Zeph, where had I heard that name...

"What pure souls do you require, my master?"

That's it! The Tails Doll's collector of pure souls, from your site! "None today, my loyal servant. You are to make this soul comfortable. He has done a great deal for me."

"But his soul... it's so pure... Couldn't you devour it and become omnipotent once more, my master?"

"That's hardly your business, slave! Do as you are told!"

Make me comfortable? What a sick way to say what was done. I was set on a throne. I was given a staff. I was given the power to see pure souls. And I was told to judge souls brought in by slaves. I was told to torture the souls of slaves who brought in impure souls with the staff.

Damn, I've got to go now. It won't be long before the slaves start to return. In closing, yes, you were right. It was a trap.

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