Hello, I am a fellow servant from the Tails Doll -- more on that in my next submission. I need to tell you something: that red Jewel on his head? Well, it is used to drain the life force from its own victim, he needs that jewel! Take it away, and he will be defenseless! I need to tell you more later, just need to hit send. If he catches me, I'll be downgraded into a simple pure soul finder.

No more ;kjbbnuivhfpq grhh shlumpy….

End transmission. Gailnico321 will be… offline for a while. Now just, delete this message like it never happened.

(Hey, guys. It's me. Quacker. I wondered what happened to this poor dude. Then, I checked my inbox, and found this story, from the same address. Could this be his history, revealed? What prompted that glimmer of remorse in his previous work?)

I was on my way to school when I saw a tiny red Jewel near a bush. I held it up in front my best friend, and his soul came out of him, like a glittering blue star! I watched in horror as the soul went inside the jewel. A thought struck me: Could this jewel belong to the Tails Doll?

The world grew dark, and my question was answered.

"ThAt’S mY jEwEl YoU iNsOlEnT sLaVe!"

I merely told him that I got the soul of my best friend on accident. He said, “Excellent! A soul of a mortal bound to someone’s closest friend is a tasty meal indeed. YoU Will bE a GrEAt ToOL."

Right in front of everyone, he put me into the sealed doll-cloak. I now had all of his powers. "dEsTrOy tHeM aLl," he commanded.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! VeNgEaNcE!!!!! CRASH!!!! At that moment, it seemed like a million souls were screaming and yelling!

Now, everyone I cherished is gone. I will seek out and destroy all those that hurt the Tails Doll, now and forever more. Will I find anyone who dares to defy me?


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