The Tails Doll is standing near me, no, hovering I should say. He says if I let him type, nothing bed will happen. So I'm turning it over to him.

forgive tails doll for my errors. hard for me to type. but nyways i want to tell yuo all some tHIng. i just want you all ot knwo that i dont want to hurt you all. i dont wnat to enslave you either. i just want a freind. you see, i was created at the ame time as thw world itself. it happens to e my seven-billionth, fourhundred millionth, one thousandth two hundred twenyseventh bitrhday tomorrow. but that si beside the point. noone has ever loved me. only hate has i gotted. everyone angry. but i dont want to hurt. i want to be your friend. so will yuo understand? will you be my friend/ please be my freind. im all alone. i dont want to hurt. please understnd please. i dont want kill, i dont care if play sonic r, just be my frien. i dont wanto hurt you be my friend

This story is continued in Q&B078: It Was a Trap by Shadow6000

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