It was the start of the summer holidays and I was playing Sonic R. My friend told me it was cursed but i didn't believe him. To prove my point i did the curse. BIIIGGG mistake!

The next day we went on holiday. The hotel we were staying in was near to a creepy old abandoned house. I had brought my Sonic Gems Collection and played on it often, but for some reason, the creepy old house fascinated me. One day i decided to go in it. As I walked up the cracked stone steps my friend followed me. "Hey, what ya doin here," he asked. "Going inside. What does it look like? "I wouldn't if I were you," he replied. "Why not," I demanded, slightly annoyed.

"People go in that house but they don't come out," he said gravely. " Codswallop," I waved dismissively, "Now are you coming or what?" "Fine," he said. We went in.

As soon as we entered, I sensed something was wrong. Doors were ripped off their hinges, and blood was splattered on the wall. We walked into the front room. " I think we should leave, Micro," my friend said. (Micro is my nickname because I'm good with computers.) "I've seen worse," I said. I looked at a dust-covered photo on the mantle piece. The photo was familiar! Then I remembered! It was a picture of the boy who was murdered the previous week!

Part of the photo was peeling. I ripped it off. There were words carved on the frame! It said "Quick! Leave now before..."

Then it ended. I turned. There, floating in the entrance, was the Tails Doll! My friend screamed. "What do you want," I managed to stutter. " Just one little thing," the Doll said. It turned towards my friend, a bloodstained cleaver from the kitchen it its hand. It struck him flat on the chest. "Nooooooooooooooo!" I yelled! "Damn you! You black-hearted, stuffed-menace!" As he lay there, bleeding, i sobbed by his side. "I'm sorry," I said. The doll laughed. "Compassion: Mankind's greatest weakness. Foolish humans!" he mocked me, mimicking my "Noooooooo!"

I charged at him. He vanished in a puff of red smoke. "Looking for me?" he taunted. I felt the cold steel of the cleaver on the back of my neck. Then everything went black. I woke up with the cleaver in my hand and my friends body by my side, and at that moment the police broke in. "You're under arrest, you homicidal maniac!" They dragged me away.

My trial was a blur. All i remembered was that i was found guilty. My defence wasn't much help -- he was a ginger-haired man, with a ruby necklace. Later when I was being transported to a maximum security prison, I felt a sharp burning in my hand. I yelped. I looked at my hand where words were being scarred onto it! "YoU HaVe 7 dAyS oF fReDoM" it said. I knew who it was from.

I woke up in my cell. Tails doll was written all over it in blood. I watched the TV. There was a Newsflash! "Maniacal boy kills 8! Today, the mass murderer known as Micro, killed again. When he was put in his cell, His eyes opened and he attacked his cellmate. Reports say that he killed his cellmate and graffitied on the wall. Sources say he is to be transferred to an asylum soon."

By the next day, it was too late. The doll appeared in my cell and spoke to me. "It is time," he said. I looked into his eyes and saw a million faces, the victims of the doll. I was going mad! I stumbled towards him. "No..more...i...don't...want...ayslum..." He laughed. "Look at my eyes." I looked up. I was lost. I fainted. I live as his servant now...returning to reality only to do his bidding...

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