This story is a sequel to Spooky Sundry, kindly read that before continuing.

It's Sam again and I'm here to warn you of what TD is planning.

I'm probably going to be killed by my master for posting this, but I need to warn you of what's going to happen.

He is gathering chaos emeralds. I don't know why but I saw 4 spinning around him on "Sonic R," but he is also looking ... um, how do I put this? "The Seven Purest Souls." I overheard him talking about it and I'm guessing I'm one of them.

If you have an encounter with TD and he gives you a choice between death and slavery your probably one of them -- and its not really a choice he would make you his slave anyway.

I'll try to find a good way of stopping him, and find out why he need the emeralds. I already have an idea. He might place the emerald's power into the souls. He needs then take the souls to gain the power to be in super form like Super Sonic. This is just a guess, though, like everything else in my life.

PS: BURN Sonic R

PPS: LISTEN to people when they talk about the curse, or you might end up like me.

PPPS: Can You Feel The Sunshine? Does It Brighten Up Your Day?

PPPPS: Good Luck

PPPPPS: Too many P's?

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