Sonic R used to be the game I couldn't put down -- UNLUCKY FOR ME.

My name is Sam. I used to live in Manchester in England. One day i was playing Shadow The Hedgehog for the PS2 when my mum shouted up the stairs that we were going shopping - strange as this was Friday and we go shopping on Tuesday.

We were walking down the road and she took me in the Game Store. I saw my friend, Chris there looking at a game. I walked over to him and he was looking at multi-pack of 10 games, 2 of which were "House Of The Dead 2" and "Sonic R." I picked up a copy of the multi-Pack and Pokemon Ranger for my DS.

When I got home I turned on the PC and put in "House of the Dead 2." I died quickly and decided to play Sonic R, which I completed 100% in about an hour.

One hour later the phone rang. It played "Can You Feel The Sunshine." I dialled my friend's number.

"Hey Chris, you finished Sonic R yet?" I said when he picked up

"Yeah! 100%. Hey, did you see how cute the tails doll was?" After a getting a bit side tracked, Chris continued, "Anyway Sam want to try something I found on the Internet out?"

"Erm, yeah. OK."

"Meet me at my house in 10 minutes."

And I set off towards my impending death.

Chris booted up Sonic R and explained that we needed to play 2-player tag mode, and one of us play as the tails doll.

I picked Super Sonic and he chose Tails Doll. Radical City loaded.

He tagged everyone but me, though I slipped up trying to take a shortcut, so he finally got me. He laughed and said "My Master Has Been Awakened."

Trying to ignore my chum's odd behaviour, I fiddled with my mobile. I checked my call record and found out that the number that called earlier, the one that rang like "Can You Feel the Sunshine," belonged to Chris. I dropped my mobile to the floor in horror and remembered reading your tails doll site. I stared at the screen, thinking about what would happen to me, when the music changed to "Can You Feel the Sunshine." A ruby shot out of the PC and into my friends head. He dropped to the floor, dead, and I looked at the PC again. I saw a doll on the desk and heard a voice in my head.

"Un-pure soul... but you could be just what I need."

"For what?" I thought to myself. I was surprised when the Tails Doll answered back to me

"All will be revealed later, Sam."

How did he know my name? Maybe Chris told him. "Now, here's your choice. Either you die or you become one of my slaves." Did I have a choice here? No. Was I going to pick death? No. Would I choose to end my life when i had about 80 years left? Wait for it -- No.

"Second one then," I said. Then the Tails Doll said something, but I passed out. I can't remember anything after choosing option "B."

I woke up the next day with TD written on my hand in permanent ink (I tried washing it off with no result).

My Master is behind me as I write this, and people should know that being his slave is not that bad. I'm a faster and stronger than I was before and I can read people's minds. Even yours.

Can You Feel The Sunshine? Does It Brighten Up Your Day?

This story is continued in Sam's Back, read that next.

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