Hello. You know me as CeleBaby20 on the forums, and perhaps various other places. Among those places, the Nintendo "NSider" forums is not one of them, but it is there my tale takes place.

My name at those forums is NINTENDOGIRL4EVER. I was browsing the forum called "Power On" when I discovered that one of the other people had created a research thread about the curse. That's actually how I found this site.

Getting back on my story, I had began reading the stories and research files that the researchers had gathered. Most of it was from here, but anyway...

On the thread, one of the non-believers had posted in an outrage that someone by the name of TAILS_DOLL had sent him a PM. I don't recall what it had said, but he was pretty pissed off. Suddenly, a lot of people were getting messages from this person. One of them had tried looking him up on the User Search engine.


This happened around New Years of 2006-2007.

What's Tails Doll trying to pull? Is he making non-believers try to believe?

I actually tried PMing him myself, and I got a response. I asked him if I was cursed or forgotten, and this is his exact quote,

"Mabye both, 1 for shure."

Deciding to get a bit brave, I PMed him back with the five points that show a certain curse. The certain five points in each song.

"Can You Feel the sunshine?"

"While Living In The City?"

"Will You Take me Back in Time?"

"Can we work it out?"

"Or will you be my Diamond in the sky?"

I didn't get a response, but he had stopped sending messages. The thread was locked shortly after that, due to a lot of spam and flaming.

We haven't heard from him since...

You'd think that this is some pretty outrageous bullshit from some kid trying to be funny, but how do you explain the name not showing up on the User Search? That thing is ALWAYS accurate.

Makes me Tails Doll in a weakened state that he has to reside to internet horror? Or is this just another way to freak people out? Either way, I was unaffected, but that may be because I'm a believer. I've played Sonic R on the Gems collection, but I have yet to encounter him.

I'm waiting for you, Tails Doll...

This story continues in Depressed. In additon, it may be useful to read Q&B072: Spooky Sundry by Spooky Sam and Q&B073: Sam's Back by Spooky Sam

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