This story is a continuation of Tragic Tale also by Bert, kindly read that story before continuing.

Remember me? Bert?? Yeah, well I'm Master Silver now. On the forums.

Let me tell you this: The Doll is not something you disobey or talk back to. That's a fact. I had to learn it the hard way.

Okay, so I was in the Tails Doll's lair, right? He forced me to quit playing Sonic R even though it was my free time. So, I went over and he handed me a what I assumed what a Chaos Emerald (which it wasn't, it was just something he made and has no connection to the emeralds).

"What is this for?"

"I have a plan," it said in a disturbingly rough voice

"Oh yeah? What." The doll looked at me for a moment, then said, "Sonic fanatics."

I said, "What?"

He told me to give it to my best friend, which was odd, because he isn't much of a Sonic fan. But I wasn't going to let the fuzzy freak hurt him.

"No," I said. It's eyes glowed an eerie red color, and floated towards.

"GiVe HiM tHe EmErALd!!!"

"Shove it!!" I spat and jammed the object into his eye. It roared in pain.


It shot a beam from its eye.....................AAAAAGHGH!!........................

The story continues in Infisidious Infiltrator.

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