I was taking a walk through town. 'Twas a lovely rain day.

I passed a shop window, and I spied a doll of Tails. So cute a furry. So I bought it. I was so happy. So happy that I forgot it was in my bag.

Anyway, I got home and sat down to play Sonic R. I had 1 more character to unlock before 100% completion -- The Tails Doll. It was just so hard to find all his tokens. Then, while playing Radiant Emerald, the game froze up. Then the screen went blue. Then the words showed: "NEW CHALLENGER." My heart began racing, I had read the stories of the Tails Doll. Was the same happening to me?

Then the race started. Tails Doll wasn't there, but his shadow was. I easily won the race using Super Sonic, but the game turned off before I could save. Then...


No Tails Doll. No "Can you feel the sunshine" and no red glow.

"Game glitch" I sighed. Then I remembered the doll I bought. I opened my rucksack and pulled out the bag. I put my hand in and pulled out my cute, furry Tails Doll

...Wait a minute...Tails Doll...but I bough a doll in the shape of Tails...not A "Tails Doll."

I peered into his eyes. I saw nothing. Then it hit me. I put the doll down and thought.

"This can't be happening" I thought....

"Can you feel the sunshine?"

My eyes widened. I turned around...


I saw him...hovering above the floor. I peered into his eyes, and he did the same. But he didn't do anything. Then I heard something.

"Shluuuuuuuuumpy shlump shlump"

I somehow managed to translate it. It said "You are the one." Then I fainted. When I woke up, Tails Doll was hovering above my bed. Sonic R was on. I picked up my controler and played. It was just instinct. I played...against the Tails Doll.

We're "good friends" now. Heh, heh. Tails Doll encouraged me to send you this.

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