This story is a sequel to Sanity(1) and Message from the Doll(2), kindly read those stories before continuing.

Shiiing....Shiiing...Sometimes you forget about old games...but do they forget you?....they don't is my tale...belief or disbelief rests with you.

I used to play Sonic R a lot back in the day, but as gamers, we usually get bored of some games and forget them. Some time ago, I got Clock Tower, an old-but-fun game, so i was eager to start playing. I got through the beginning and ended up playing as Jennifer Simpson. The game continued as normal, trying to find a way to escape, while being chased by Scissorman and using whatever was on hand to subdue him for a bit. Halfway through the scenario something strange happened.

Scissorman stopped appearing. I soon found out why. After going through a door, I found myself in a new hallway. "Hmmmm...this is new," I though to myself, and so walked my character down it. Suddenly, a warped version of the song "Can you Feel the Sunshine" started playing, and the door behind my character opened. Out came the Tails Doll, wielding a large axe!

Like a fool I thought it was a special stage. I clicked on a fire extinguisher to use it against the floating foe. My character picked it up and began spraying the Axe-wielding Doll. It only seemed to piss it off. It swung the axe at me. Luckily, I saved myself from a game over by pressing the panic button rapidly. It only nicked my characters hand --


I felt a pain in the same hand that the Tails Doll hit on my character. I glanced at my hand. It was nicked, just like in the game.

"Oh, shit," I thought. Looking back at the screen, I saw the Doll was standing in front of Jennifer, as if taunting me. Of course, I ran! It followed. I then spotted a chair to throw at the stitched monster. I clicked on it and readied to throw when the Tails Doll got closer. It got close enough so i chucked the chair at it. It didn't even get close enough hit him. I then heard its vile laughter mocking me. It came closer, triggering another panic moment, so i had to tap the panic button..

It swung the axe sideways, as it trying to cut me in half. Jennifer then dropped backwards and kicked the evil doll in the crotch. It was only pushed back a bit. The axe seemed to nick her on the cheek. I then felt a pain on my cheek the axe made contact. I was out of breath. I looked at Jennifer's health status. Yellow -- half health. I ran away from the Tails doll to try and find a place to hide and recover.

I found a bathroom stall to hide in for a bit. Then i heard the door open. "Damn it," I though, about to throw my controller down. But I knew better. It would never be that easy. Then I saw the stall door was being banged upon and again entered panic mode. I found a broom to click on and saw Jennifer grab it and readied to hit the monster on the head when it opened the stall. She quickly bashed it on the head. It fell down..

Jennifer then began to run past it. The tails doll the grabbed her ankle and another panic mode started, so I hit the panic button hard. I could feel pressure on my ankle and it kept getting tighter and tighter. I felt a bit sick and dizzy, but still I pressed the button crazily, eventually freeing my character from its grasp. I ran out of the room. I then checked the health status of Jennifer. It was red for 'You're Screwed'.

I ran down the hallway again, feeling myself about to pass out and drop the controller. I knew i had to beat the scenario somehow, or die trying. I knew it was following me still, so i entered a door. Inside was just a table and what looked like some Keys! I quickly had Jennifer snatch it up, but damn, the damned doll entered. I was trapped, so I tried running abound the table. It kept moving in front of me each time.

After about ten minutes of cat and mouse, it seemed hopeless for me. I heard a growl. Suddenly, the Tails Doll raised its axe above its head and brought it down, splitting the table in half. Now nothing was blocking him from me. It then slashed sideways again, and...Dead End.

I felt the pain across my belly as i fell backwards, dropping the controller. I looked outside, but it wasn't outside. I saw the tails doll sitting on a sofa with a controller in its paws. On the 'window,' I saw the words 'New Game/Continue." It then chose New game and suddenly, I felt better. I sat up checking my wounds -- they were gone! I was alright..

Or was I....

The moral of the story is: Don't forget the old games you played, or they might end up playing you in the...Dead End..


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