To all who fear the curse! This is the first part of my tale.

My net name is warguy. I live in South Tyneside (well, lived). This is my story. It was a Saturday morning and I was walking in the park with my dog. Then my mobile rang. It was the call that would change my life...

"Hi!" my friend Jonny said. We chatted for a while then he told me he was getting Sonic Gems. "Oh, I've got it." I said. He met me a few days later at his house. We booted the game up on his PS2 and began playing Sonic R. We completed it 100 percent in no time. At that point, I got hungry. "

"I'm just going downstairs for a snack," I said. "Ok," he called back. I grabbed a bag of crisps and began to go upstairs. I noticed something was wrong. The sunny weather turned cloudy and dark. The door to his bedroom was locked. I opened the door (with difficulty) and found him In front of The Doll!

"Jonny?" I asked him. No response. I dropped my bag of crisps. The doll turned to me. "Time for a game," it cackled. "If you can escape a world of my creation alive, I will give your friend's soul back. If not, your soul is mine. Agreed?" "Yes," I said. "Then lets begin." I felt myself falling into blackness...NoOoOoOoOo...

I woke up in what looked like Jonny's house. But the corridors had no walls! Just an endless sea of black. I walked into the kitchen and found a phone and a notebook. The notebook said "the doll is watching us, beware its gaze."

At this point, the kitchen windows opened and two large, bloodshot eyes glared in at me. I ran and hid behind the fridge. The eyes vanished and the windows shut. The notebook said PTO on it. I turned the page. It read "Find the DVDs -- They contain the happenings of today. You must destroy them, And free us both. Yours, Jonny." My heart leaped. Jonny was trapped in this nightmare world too! I had to find him before the doll did! I looked out the window and saw Jonny waving at me from the front room!

Weird. The front room shouldn't have been there. I ran in and found him. "Thank you fool," said a voice. "Now i can destroy both of you!

More to come...

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