This story is a continuation of Tails Doll's New Puppet also by Zeph, kindly read the story before continuing

Today I went on my newest mission, to gather as many pure souls as possible. When I became a servant the Tails Doll, I gained a new power. I was able to see pure souls. So Master said I have no excuse in the world.

My first pure soul was a girl. Her name was Alexa. She was a very kind girl too. It was a shame she had to die a slow, bloody, and painful death. Master just ripped the soul right out of her.

The next ones were two boys, no older than fifteen, doing volunteer work. I had told them the Mayor had left me in charge of the town. Little did they know I had given their Mayor as an offering to Master. And they too died a slow, bloody, and painful death.

Just as the day was ending, and I thought I could get no more souls for Master, I came across a small hospital. That hospital had at least twenty pure souls as worker there. Once again I had given their boss to Master as a second offering, and told the workers that their boss left me in charge.

Then they started to do what I told them to do. It was quit fun to tell the fools what to do.

It was six o' clock, and I would soon have to return to Master's HQ. I told the workers we were going on a little field trip. When I got there, I gave Master the pure souls and he ungratefully scarfed them down.

Since I gave him the most souls out of all his pets, I got promoted to a night watcher to protect the HQ from being attacked. (Who could be brave enough to attack the HQ?) I was honored and vanished into the shadows.

This story continues in It Was a Trap, though by a different author, Shadow6000.

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