AHAAAA!!! I have FOUND YOU!! You thought you could hide from me!? Ha!! NOTHING CAN HIDE FROM ME! I am the TAILS DOLL! And, guess how I found out about you??! BERT!! HAHAHA!! Yes, he survived! Except now he is in a robotic body resembling Neo Metal Sonic's (a personal request from him, and I was nice enough to provide it). Now, just for your sick pleasure, I will tell you about how I found out about this nonsense.

Bert was playing Sonic CD on Sonic Gems Collection. He was having trouble getting past the last level (Metallic Madness) so I offered to help. But he didn't want it. Well, that's OK I suppose.

"If I wanted your help, I'd ask you myself," he said. Such an attitude he has. I like him.

He exited the game and went to play Sonic the Fighters. More or less trying to get Super Sonic AGAIN for the 100th time. With no luck, he shut off the game.

"Having some trouble, are we?" I taunted. He was very angry about the difficulty of Metal Sonic.

"I learned once not to attack you," he said. "I'm not going to attempt it again."

He made a good point. If he did attack me again, I'd... well, destroy him.

"I have a plan," I said.

"What?" He asked, with his cape hiding his body (yes, a cape, not a side-skirt like in Heroes).

I told him my plan. His new robotic body has a computer in it, and so he can visit the web and stuff.

Baaaaad move. Well, for him anyway.

Yesterday, he was on something along the lines of "" or something. He was reading stories that people had sent. Apparently, YOU, the site owner, consider it fiction. Pfft. How stupid do you think these people are!? Little do you know, that since some people have only submitted one story, is because I CAPTURED THEM! They are under MY CONTROL! However, some I consider worthless and dispose of them. Others I keep.

Don't let me catch you at this again, or you will be my next victim.

"Can You Feel the Sunshine?"

--"The supposedly fictional" Tails Doll

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