The day started like any other day. After school, I would play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on my Gamecube. I am a huge Sonic fan and luckily, my birthday was only 1 week away. On the day of my 13th birthday, I thought this would be the best day of my life --

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

That day at my house, 2 boxes lay on my bed. A small one about the size of a DVD case and a large one the size of a shoe box. In excitement, I hurriedly destroyed the wrapping of the 2 mysterious boxes. I froze in terror as I saw the present I had received. It was a Sega Genesis and a copy of Sonic R with a gift tag labeled "From: The Tails Doll".

I knew about the curse, but I couldn't resist playing. After beating the game 100%, I new my fate. The character selection screen popped up and the Tails Doll slowly faded away from the screen. The small red jewel drifted out of the 16" Color TV as I stay frozen in fear. The entire body emerged as it stared at me with it's lifeless eyes. As with most stories I have heard, he offered me a chance to join his lifeless army. With no other option, I accepted. A blue aura surrounding me turned into an evil red pulse as he disappeared into the TV screen.

Still in shock, I dragged my body to this computer to write about this horrible experience. Just as the monitor turned on, the words showed up as if someone had written them in blood on the screen. "Can you feel the sunshine?"

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