This story is connected with Q&B058: Sanity by Eki. They may be read in either order, though the former may be better to read first.

Sooooooo many story's about meee, soooo little time to read and laugh and giggle and often smirk, so i thought I might as well add my own story.

Sam was a nice child who loved sonic games and collected many, many Sonic toy's and knickknacks....he even had sonic bed sheets and matching jammies...Pathetic child...

One day he and his mommy when to town to do some shopping, when he saw something he did not believe -- a Sonic game he didn't own. Sonic R. He begged his mommy for it; he whined he screamed he even peed his pants in the process. Simply and truly a child a mother should beat with bat and not feel remorse.

The Mother told him that he couldn't have it because he was being a brat, this upset Sam greatly. He ran off through the mall and waited for his mom to leave the game store. Eventually she did, so he ran back inside and pretended to be browsing and looking at Sonic R.

He then stuffed the game into his wet pants and walked out like nothing had happened. He wondered about a bit until he ran into his mommy. Like usual, she scolded him and was thankful he was alright (truth be told she would of been happy if Sam was taken by a stranger). The two soon went home. La-De-Da.

Sam rushed to his room to get the game out of his pants. He dried it off (on the same wet pants). He quickly sat the game aside and changed his pants (finally) and played with his Sonic toys making, exploding and swooshing sounds, gigging and reenacting scenes from the TV show. After a few hours of that, it began to get dark and his mother knocked on the door and said she was turning in early that night.

Sam smiled. What luck! He could play his new game now! He waited till he heard her door close and snatched up his new game and ran to the computer room and booted it up (amazing he can turn on a computer). He then logged in and tore off the protective plastic about the game case, opened it and put the CD in the drive and started the installation like all kids, they just click next repeatably 'till it's done. He then clicked finish and started up the game. Of course, he chose Sonic to play as. He then started the first race, and strangely his opponent was someone he hasn't seen yet...


The race began and the song "Can You Feel the Sunshine" started (why thats labeled as my theme, i don't know i kinda like the song 'Living in the city' myself). Sam tried his best to pass Me. No matter what he tried, he couldn't do it. It this frustrated him to no ends. Then, unexpectedly at the end of the race, he won. The boy cheered in delight and quickly covered his mouth hoping he didn't wake up his mom.

He turned his attention back at the game screen. But, wait a second -- it said the Tails Doll won! But how? He passed it at the last second. He started to hit the computer, oblivious to the soft footsteps coming up from behind him. Soon a voice spoke "Did you lose the race Sammy dear?" It was his mothers voice. Sam whined, "I won, I won! The Stupid Doll cheated. It cheated!" He then turned to look at his mother angrily...

Sam's hair turned white as he was now face to face with the me, in person. He then screamed for his mommy and ran to his room. I floated behind him lazily. The boy ran to his mommy's room she wasn't there. He then ran to his room and locked the door and grabbed onto his favorite Sonic plush toy and whimpered. Suddenly, the door unlocked and swung open. l floated in. Sammy threw the toy at me. I faded away. He then nervously moved to grab his Sonic toy, but soon a shadow was cast from behind him.

Sam screamed and turned around. I was behind him. I spoke. "you thought you could win against me, but in truth, I always win in the end." With that said, Sammy tried to run again. The poor child ran straight into his closet and locked door (wait wasn't it open a minute ago? Heh, heh, heh!). He then tried to unlock it, but no use. I spoke again. "You're a Spoiled Thieving Brat and you shall receive the ultimate punishment for it." Sam closed his eyes and covered them. Soon his ears were filled with tearing and ripping and the occasional smashing and shattering.

When he peeked to see what has happened. I was gone, but his room and all his sonic collectibles were shredded broke and destroyed even his lucky sonic Plush was beheaded. His mom burst into the room and, well how shall i put this, she yelled and spanked him so hard, the damage done to his rear was almost as bad as what I had done to his room. He was ordered to clean his room and not come out till it was all clean. Sammy never spoke again, and never acted like a spoiled brat. Of course, he never touched a Sonic toy or game again...

...'till his cousin challenged him to a race on Sonic R cause he unlocked a new character that looked like Tails.....

p.s. No matter how many times you say you beat me, in a race i always win in the end.

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