Warning: This story was written by a 9-year-old COD tard with no writing skills. Use this as an example of how not to write a story about Tails Doll.

Some say the Tails Doll is a homicidal maniac. I agree. But in my opinion, he's not evil. Oh, no.

Alright, so I got Gems this summer, and I was playing with my friend. Then we got the Tails Doll.

There was a bright flash out of the TV, and then the doll himself came right out. Needless to say, we were terrified out of our minds.

Then Tails Doll pulled an AK-47 out of his hand. Oh, this was it. We were dead.

Then, something shocking happened. Tails Doll threw the gun to me. This had to be a mistake. He probably was trying to knock me out so he could kill us or steal our souls or turn us into living cursed dolls that absorb spirit energy through touch, or to feed on later.

Then he took another gun out and nodded to me. I felt as if I knew what he meant. So I picked up the gun and spoke these words.


Then, we stepped out of the door, and my friend passed out.

It was pretty fun. We shot literally everything that moved. And some that didn't. Occasionally I would say something like "Yeah, F**k you HUMANS!" as to parody Code Monkeys. And there was much blood. Eventually, the police surrounded us. I turned to T.D. and said, "Looks like this is it, little buddy."

He didn't think so. He created a giant force field of blinding light. Then, I blacked out.

Next thing I know, I'm in my bed. Thank god. It was all just a dream....But then, I find a post-it note on my chest.

Dude, that was awesome. I never had such fun while killing people.

Then, I got on my computer and checked AOL news. A giant massacre had took place in my hometown. Though they never found out the killer. I then realized the true power of the Tails Doll.

I think I'm pretty lucky that I have a friend like him.

Also, he gave me the power to assume Mobian Doll form, poesess people, and go into TVs.

Needless to say, being his friend is kick ass.

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