It was a warm summer night when I saw it.

I had beaten Sonic R 100%, and though I had heard just about every Tails Doll story there is, I did not believe in the curse. I thought it was just a bunch of crap like nerd campfire stories. After beating the game, I settled in for a good night’s sleep. That night, I had the most horrific dream I’ve ever had.

I was running through a forest that looked somewhat like Resort Island, only it was dark and stormy and all the trees, grass and other plants were dead and creepy. There was something chasing me, but I never looked back to see what. What ever it was, it was making a eerie hissing noise like “scccurrrpppy”. I could hear “Can You Feel the Sunshine” in the background, but it somehow sounded very creepy and disturbing. I saw the finish line in the distance with nothing but darkness behind it. I past it. When I did, I saw nothing but a red glowing bulb and a pair of soulless eyes staring at me.

I woke up, sweating and breathing heavily. I looked around my room. Everything seemed ok, then I saw the Tails Doll! It was hovering on the right side of my bed, it eyes piercing my very soul. “So, you thought I was a joke, did you?” the Doll said. It’s bulb began to glow brightly. “Well, looks like the jokes on you!” at that point, it raised itself in the air and zoomed down right towards me as if to ram into me. I had very little time to act and as soon it was close enough, I grabbed the bulb and pushed it in between it’s eyes. It shot up in the air, screaming the most ungodly sound I’ve ever heard. The doll’s eye were blazing red, and it’s stitches began to come loose showing more of the eerie light. “You haven’t seen the last of me!” the Tails Doll cried as it disappeared into nothingness.

I have not yet re-encountered the creature, but I keep my eyes open for him.

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