For my birthday, on the year of 2005, I received a copy of Sonic Gems Collection. My brother and I loved to play it. We would play Sonic R all the time.

That is..untill I learned of....IT..

One day, we were playing the game, and I had unlocked Metal Sonic. My brother was happy, I'd unlocked a character. So we moved on. I had the game 100% in a matter of hours. But the time I opened my game afterward, the Tails Doll was gone! The picture was there, but when I scrolled over it, the Character would not appear..

So I ran to the computer to find the problem. Then I learned of the Tails Doll Curse. My eyes widened as I read the victims' names. Then I heard a scream -- I raced to my room and found my brother, dead. The doll floated beside his corpse and stared with those lifeless eyes, and that jewel bouncing up and down his forelock.

It held out it's hand, and in my mind, I heard, "Join me, or you will suffer the same fate." I did not know what to do. Then it charged at me.

To this day, I live my life...

As a Tails Doll minion...

Join him, or suffer the same fate as my poor, poor brother.

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