My friend Justin had to go to an all-year-round middle school. I was sooo bored that I came with him

When we got to his school I listened to a bunch of crap I already kinda knew. Now I got bored there so I got a hallway pass to see the rest of his school. I walked down the hall and saw a blinding red flash. It was coming from the computer room. And all over the walls was the name "Tails Doll" written in red marker.

I ran to the classroom to get the teacher. We went to the computer room and all the walls were clear.

The bell rang for recess but Justin and I went back to the computer room.

When we got there the main computer was on and playing "Can You Feel The Sunshine". The volume was at its highest, yet it still was getting louder.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to get help

Then I stopped. Three feet in front of me was the Tails Doll. He said,"you have a pure soul -- I like that about you. So I shall give you two choices, to become my slave for eternity or DIE where you stand."

I really didn't have a choice I had to become the Tails Doll's slave to live another day. So from this day forth I serve my master, the Tails Doll. Don't make the same mistake I made and play Sonic R on the Gamecube or the Saturn.

Tails Doll's new puppet,


This story is continued in Newest Mission also by Zeph.

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