It began with....

After playing the computer version of Sonic R, I was about to play as Tails Doll - sadly - but when it was about to highlight it, it suddenly disappeared.

I was getting really paranoid and decided to shut it down but before that, everything was black on the screen. Suddenly I heard “Can you feel the sunshine?” over and over...

I was slowly stepping backwards to my parents room but I remembered that they were gone to my auntie's house, so I called a friend instead. I told him about the computer but he said: “Ha, ha you have played to much Sonic R, Dude!” I was looking at him weirdly, but he didn’t care.

Then while watching some TV, it flicked and began playing “Can you feel the sunshine?” He said, “Ha, ha really funny”

I told him it wasn’t me. Then a red, glowing jewel appeared. It came closer, and closer. Suddenly the Tails doll appeared with a knife!

It took around my friend, and he fainted, but I ran into the kitchen to get a knife.

I took a butcher knife and began to stab it - I think I stabbed it about 21 times - then after a large struggle I managed to slice its head off. Then the next day I burned my Sonic R CD and never heard it again

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