The names Paul. Paul Krawolski. I work for the FBI and have been investigating a series of murders connected with sonic R. The government gave me access to all their files on the topic. I spent 2 days browsing the net for any info about the game, until i heard about your site. I immediately booted up my laptop and went online. When i found your site i browsed the entire thing and discovered some shocking news. The murders all have that doll involved in some way! For example, May 21st, 1999. A boy died in his house, after having played Sonic R. Their were no signs of break-ins, only blood on the floor and the TV still on. The boy had stuffing lodged down his gullet. The police deemed it suicide. The FBI checked the crime scene and deemed it something far more disturbing. Supernatural. Read this file and decide what you think of the stories.

FBI file

  • December 13th, 2006*
  • The case of Joe*
  • Joe's Residence*
  • 8.04 hours*

It was just an ordinary morning for Joe. He woke up, went downstairs, and had his breakfast. "Looking forward to school on your birthday?" his mum asked. "No" he replied sharply. "why not?" she asked. "You don't get it. I try to mind my own business, yet all i get is rubbish from the "cool" kids. The ones who are good at sports. The ones who do rubbish in class. The ones who get detentions. ALL I GET IS BEING PICKED ON!!!" he promptly left the house, fuming.

  • Joe's school*
  • 8.45 hours*

Joe arrived at school, angry. He tried to brush off the insults, but inside he was Furious. "Oh god, I'm going to go insane if this keeps up." he thought. His lessons ticked by slowly. "I hate Thursdays." he said to himself. " And it's my birthday too. That doofus over there get loads of attention because it's HIS birthday, but i get ignored. This stinks."

  • Joe's Residence*
  • 16.09 hours*

Joe was sitting in his playroom, playing on his newly bought Sonic Gems collection. His only friend, Keiran, was invited to his house to play.

" I heard about a curse on this game." Keiran said.

"what curse?" Joe asked.

"You Know how your playing Sonic R?"


"well If you go on tag mode as tails doll you get cursed."

"only if you finish it?"

"yes. Oh! and you have to catch super sonic last. wanna try it?"

"yeah, sure!!"

So, Joe did the curse. Next thing he knew the doll was floating out of the screen towards him.

"Yaahh! it was real!" Keiran yelled.

The doll flew at Keiran, but Joe jumped, and the doll hit him smack-bang in the center of his stomach. Joe tottered for a moment, then collapsed in the middle of the room. He then began writhing uncontrollably.

"Joe! nooooo! i'll get help! Hold on! Where did the doll go?" he pinned Joe's arms down and looked at his shirt... It was covered in blood. He ripped Joe's shirt open and stared in horror at his chest.

There was a huge scar, "Freshly Stitched!" Joe stopped writhing. He managed to force out some words. "K....K...Keiran...Run...Quickly!...Before...It...ARRRGGHHH!"

He jolted, then fell limp. Keiran looked at Joe's eyes. The colour was fading! The colour faded away, leaving only pupils, which grew Huge! Then his eyes turned glassy. Keiran backed away. Joe's body rose up, then landed facing him. Joe was limp, yet upright! His mouth opened, yet the voice that left it was not his. It was distorted and menacing, and Keiran shuddered when hearing it.

"all mortals fear my wrath!"It Said.

Keiran knew he had heard it somewhere.

"Joe! listen to me! i know your in there somewhere! Fight it!" The voice laughed

"He cannot hear you, fool. His soul has been consumed by his anger. His soul is Mine!"

-end transmission-

Joe was never seen again. Poor kid. i feel sorry for him. Keiran is still alive, yet in great trauma. All the people who had been mean to Joe met with sticky ends. I will be confronting SEGA soon and asking why they created such a monster.

Yours, Paul Krawolski.

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