I, am Chaos Doughnut, and this is what I have to say.

After hearing of the many tales of the... well, Tails Doll, my hyperactive mind has gotten to me, causing me to see the Tails Doll everywhere... my mind, the TV, even the computer.

Nowhere is safe, nowhere is sound, so long as the Tails Doll lurks around.

Perhaps one day, I shall conquer this irrational fear, but for now... Tails Doll, my Master, is waiting for me... despite the fact that I have only unlocked him and Robotnik on Sonic R, he calls to me.

The Tails Doll is many, the Tails Doll is all, the Tails Doll will one day make all humans fall.

Do NOT play Sonic R, lest you fall victim to the same fate as me.

Beware the eyes... the eyes without a soul

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