I have heard many stories about the Tails Doll curse. It comes out of the game and kills people who played the game, blah blah blah. But we all know that's not the truth. It isn't the Tails Doll curse you have to worry about. Because the truth of the matter is....Big the Cat is the cause of such horror. Most of the actual cases had ended in madness.

The reason people blame this on the Tails Doll is because when people blame it on Big the Cat...after the words cross the internet space,after being sent forward to the destination, they mysteriously transform into "Tails Doll". This is part of the Big the Cat curse.

If you have noticed...a lot of people who mention the Tails Doll curse have mentioned future games which came after the Tails Doll's first appearance. This is because after Big the Cat's image has first appeared on your screen, the curse can begin. Unlike the Tails Doll stories...the ones about Big are worse than death.

Research suggests that approximately 80% of the Sonic fan population fear Big the Cat. This is because...when you are in the presence of something supernaturally frightening, it sends a chill downs your spine!

Now, that the facts of it's existence has been clarified, I shall tell you my own story of the real curse...of the Tails Doll.

It was a day like any other. I was playing my Sonic Adventure 2 (Note: that I have yet to purchase/play onic Adventure) when I spotted something out of place. It was purple, fat, and bouncing around. It's eyes, they were yellow and glowing. It was obvious that what I was seeing was evil incarnate! I didn't know exactly what it was though, but the second it caught my eye, fear struck me. I swiftly dove for the console and hit the power button.

Thoughts had crossed my mind. Unnatural ones. I was shaking, as if seeing the devil itself. It's image was burned into my mind and it wouldn't go away.

Days had passed since I played SA2, then weeks. Within this time I began having nightmares. Nightmares of the evil cat coming into my house, appearing in my other video games. Even while awake it felt as if something was watching me.

I thought I was going mad, until one day I came home and it was silent. I searched the whole house and no one was there. That's when it hit me, a drop of blood from the ceiling. I looked up and my whole family was nailed to the ceiling with fishing hooks. Suddenly, the same chill thatcame over me when I saw the purple beast had come over me. I turned...and THERE IT WAS STARING IN MY WINDOW!! OH NO! HELP ME!

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