The Tails Doll...A orange plush fox. I made the mistake of drawing him one day. I regret ever doing so.

School, 12:10 PM, Lunchroom: I sat alone as I always did. When I looked out the window, I spied a red glinting object in a house window. I remembered the fact of the drawing curse and nearly started to cry in fear. I looked out of another window and saw something else...Something Orange. Just something orange. "TAILS DOLL!", I nearly shouted at the top of my lungs. I ran to the bathroom and looked out of the window (The bathroom is located partially underground so there's a window there that shows the ground's concrete.). 

A shadow. A hovering shadow with the tips of two tiny tails. That was All I could see in the window. I heard "Can you feel the sunshine?". The voice of it was growing more demonic. I ran out, and dived into the nurses office. I screamed my story! I SCREAMED! She didn't believe me. I started sobbing. I went into the nurse's bathroom and looked in the window. I did not see me...I saw a red glowing ruby in place of where my body would be. A scream. A scream from outside of the door. I ran out. There was Tails doll. The nurse...was dead. The police officer on campus saw the red ruby and only that, as Tails Doll has disappeared. 

"You saw it right?!" I sobbed.  

"I saw a red ruby...and that's it before I noticed the body.".  

"THE TAILS DOLL! YOU SAW HIS RUBY!" I screamed at her. 

Next Month, School, 2 PM, Math class.

The cops tested the body and found no clues of a killer. I asked my teacher if I could go to my locker. I went there and opened it, but almost lost control of my bladder. THE NURSE'S HEAD...WAS IN THE LOCKER!!! 

I SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS "HELP! HELP! THERE'S A HEAD IN MY LOCKER!". I was sobbing intensely, and had finally lost control of my bladder. Everyone surrounded me, and screamed. There was a note on the door, we ALL saw. "The Tails Doll says, Draw me and end up like this poor mortal..". From the P.A. System, we all heard..."Can you feel the sunshine? Does it brighten up your day?". 

The Tails Doll has been striking down all of our nurses ever since.

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