One day, while walking down the street, I saw a video game in an alley. The title was "Sonic R." I said to myself "Oooh, a Sonic Game I don't own." Then I noticed Sega Saturn. I didn't have a Saturn, so I decided to ask some kids in my school if they'd lost it. Most of them gave me puzzled looks and said  they've never heard of the game. I myself hadn't heard much about it either. The search turned up empty, so I decided to sell it on Ebay. Buy-it-now, to be exact. I'd forgotten about it for a few days then, while reading random forums I found a link to your Sonic R : The Curse of the Tails Doll.

After reading a few stories I panicked thinking I could have stuck someone with a death curse. I looked on E-bay. It had sold, unfortunately. I slumped in defeat, when something entered my train of thought. Their Bio! An E-mail address, a phone number, someway of contacting them. I checked, and did find a phone number. I called it, but what i heard was unexpected. A song was coming from my phone. The song I didn't recognize, but after a while I heard "Can you feel the sunshine" and knew what had happened. I hung up and blocked the number just in case. Since then I have become I little more cautious of what I pick up on the streets.

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