My mom told me to turn off my Saturn, and get to school.  I argued and said "it's Sonic R, Mom!!!!!"  Then my bus came -- "Bus 213 "-- the bus where all the terror began......

I sat next to Miranda on the bus.  I saw that she had her Saturn with her.  We exchanged tips, and that night, we both beat it 100%.   Now, I had heard of the curse, and believed in it, but i still wanted to press my luck.  Big mistake.... 

The next day, I took my seat next to Miranda again. She was unusually frightened.  As we were talking, the Tails Doll broke in!  Fleeing for our lives, we jumped out the window.

I thought i had escaped, but it turned out, Miranda was with the Tails Doll. I wanted to run, but she was my friend.  She told me, we could "stay friends," if i didn't press my luck..... 

Despite myself, I tried to flee, only to trip over a rock.  The last thing i heard as I fell was "slurpee."  Now I serve the Tails Doll. 

It's not all bad.  Me and Miranda are still best friends - forever.  Heed my warning, though, don't get "Sonic R", or you will suffer like I did. 

Yours truly,


The story continues in the sequel, Q&B041: Classroom by Lovrina

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