Finally,I had gotten what I have wanted for many years! " Sonic Gems Collection!"  So I had invited my friend over two days later to play it with me.  We where playing "Sonic R." I had unlocked a doll. A Tails Doll.

"Don't tag it with anything, " she said.  

"Why not?" I asked her with a blank look.  

"I just have a feeling something bad will happen..."  She aid.  She started to shake, but I didn't listen.  I had tagged it with Sonic.  One hour later everything seemed to be fine.

Until...midnight that is...

My cell phone started to ring.I got up to answer it.  "Hello?"  Silence.  "Hello?  Who is This?"  I looked at my caller ID.  It was my own!  A chill went down my spine.  I hung up.  Then, the lights went out.  My cell phone rang again.  "H-hello," I said nervously and scared.  What i heard what could have been a soft breathing.  In the background I could hear  "Can You Feel The Sunshine?  Does it brighten up your day?"  Once again the caller ID was my own.  Suddenly I heard something like "Schuuurpy" or"Scruuuumchy."  I dropped my phone.  And ran back into my room.  I froze in horror and shock.   

There she lay, dead on the floor. 

And on the wall written in blood was "YOU'RE NEXT."

I knew i had to get out.  Then I saw it the Tails Doll.  It's vacant eyes stared at me. Then it smiled.  "OH MY GOSH ITS REALLY THAT-THAT-DOLL!!!"I thought.  I grabbed my Sonic and Tails plushies, hoping that would stop it.  No.  It came closer.  I closed my eyes tightly, thinking that when i would open them it would be gone.  I was wrong.  When i opened my eyes there it was on my leg.  I screamed.  It started eating my leg.  I kicked and hit it.  It  was still latched on.  All of a sudden, I fainted.  I woke up, feeling awful.  I looked at my TV screen.  "Sonic Gems" was still on "Sonic R."  

And on the character select, I saw the Tails Doll, covered in blood.

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