Yay!  Its my birthday!  I was at my last present.  I ripped off the paper.

"SONIC R!!!!!"

I screamed.  "Why don't you play it for a while," my mom suggested.  Without a word I bolted up my stairs and into my room.  I put it in and started playing right away.  A few hours later my mom came up."Hunny, you've played it long enough come downstairs and come eat your birthday cake," she said.  "Maybe I have played it too much, " I thought.  I came downstairs and ate.

The next day at school, during math class, I asked to be excused to the restroom. Teacher gave me a hall pass.  I put it in my pocket and went out the door.  Two minutes later, I was washing my hands when the water suddenly stopped.  It didn't even drop a single droplet.  I turned it off, then back on.  

Blood came out.

I gasped in horror.  I saw the Tails Doll's reflection in the mirror.  I ran out in the hall. Tears streaming from my eyes, I didn't watch where i was going.  I bumped into my friend.  "Whats wrong?" he asked.  "IT-I-ITS H-H-H-HERE!!!!!!!" I sobbed.  "Whats here?" he asked -- and actually looked like he really really cared.  "THE TAILS DOLL! B-B-BLOOD IN THE GIRLS BATHROOM SINK!!!!"  I sobbed  louder.  I hugged him tightly.  He patted me on the back.  

"Don't worry,  I'm sure it's just your Imagination."  

"NO, IT'S NOT I SAW IT WITH MY OWN TWO EYES," I screamed at him.  I ran down the hall back into my classroom. 


This made no sense.  I was only gone 11 minutes.  I started listening.  I heard "Can You Feel The Sunshine?  Does It brighten Up Your day?  Do You Sometimes Feel That You Need To Run Away?   

"It echoed through the hall.  I ran to my locker to call my mom to pick me up.  I called.  Someone picked up.  "MOM CAN Y-Y-Y-YOU PLEASE C-COME PICK ME UP," I sobbed, "ITS AN EMERGENCY?!" 

Soft breathing.

Then suddenly:  Schruuuuumpy.....Schruuuuuumpy......SCHRUUUUMPY!!!  I looked at who I was calling it said...*gulp*"...YOU WILL DIE IN 3-2-1."  I screamed and dropped my phone.  I tripped -- on a body!  My friend's body.  He had a hole in his chest and his heart was ripped out.  Something was moving in the section of where his stomach was.  The Tails doll came out and grabbed my face.  I stomped on it and stuffed it in my locker.  I ran towards the exit.   On the doors, written in blood, was "TAILS  DOLL."

The Tails Doll knocked me down.  Then everything went black.  

I woke up in the hospital.  I was alone and on my lap lay that evil doll.

This story is continued in REALLY, also by Chaos.

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