Hello. If you've visited the forums here, you may know me as CrazyShadow.  If you haven't yet, just call me that anyways. I've had some tiny encounters with the doll, and I'm afraid that there will be worse ones soon.  Otherwise, I've only seen HIM in dreams, or from over 100 feet away, and I don't plan on getting closer.

Recently, I had a dream that, sadly, has partly become a reality.

I was trying to sleep, but sleep was unattainable.  I had been deeply reasearching the doll that day, and images of it were haunting me, as well as the song from that bloody TD pic from YTMND. When I finally fell asleep, things got much worse. 

The next thing I saw were my friends all around me.  Wow, a dream that I'm with my friends? BOOORING.  I thought to myself. But man, was I wrong.  There was a dark area that we were about to enter, and I had the suspicion that HE was there. So I picked up my Tails plushie (specifically the Valentines Day decorated one) and was ready to start the journey. However, I took a closer look at my plush and saw a gem. A glowing gem on a string. I looked closer and searched for tape, thinking it was a prank. The string led straight into the head. I heard Can You Feel The Sunshine, and the doll went haywire.  The arm I was holding it with began to bleed like crazy. Blood.... blood everywhere. Then, I woke up. 

That morning, I felt like blood had been drained out of me, exactly as it happened in my dream. I checked on the plush, which was actually in the next room. Nothing seemed wrong, except one eye looked a little crooked.  A few hours later, I caught a glimpse of a scab I never remembered having. Right over the vein on my right arm. 

THE ARM I HELD THE DOLL WITH IN MY DREAM!! I know he's coming, he's coming...

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