The threat is ended. I'm typing this message to you from a small motel room, in the hopes that I can get word out to someone...anyone... It all started at a Goodwill. I was checking out one of the display cases when I saw a game. It seemed fun, and featured Sonic characters. It was for the Sega Saturn and only cost about two bucks. My cousin had a Saturn, so I figured I could borrow his for the weekend. It was going to be fun.

Good, old school gaming fun. So I purchased my own damnation for approximately two dollars and thirteen cents. Sonic R. The prelude to the demise of all that is good and sweet. Home..of the Tails Doll. I played the game for the first time at my friend Sean's house, on my cousin Ian's old Saturn. The game was ok, the gameplay a bit boring and the music horrid, but it was one of those games that are infinitely more tolerable with a buddy. It wasn't long before we reached 100% and unlocked....him. It. The Tails Doll. I decided to try out the new character. It was strange: I was drawn...almost hypnotized by the glow coming from the crystal on the doll. We raced. I won. As soon as the TD crossed the finish line, the screen went black.  

Then, the screen went staticky. I could see a faint outline of something, and almost hear a song. It almost sounded like one of the songs from the game. I stuck my ear up to the screen and listened. The song went "Can you hear the sunshine? Does it brighten up your day?" However, the song sounded horribly distorted, and the voice singing it almost demonic. I realized what I was seeing on the screen was a headshot of Tails Doll revolving at high speed. It was making me dizzy.  

I looked away and said, "Screw this. Let's go upstairs." We went upstairs and I booted up Sean's computer.  

He went to play Oblivion on the other PC and I was left alone in his room. I loitered on AIM for a while and logged off when no one was replying to my messages. I heard something downstairs and went to check it out. 

Oh no... It's followed me here. I hear screams and see a telltale glow from under my door. I've barred the entrance to the room and plan to exit through the bathroom window. If it does not catch me I'll send you the rest of my story. If not, then know this: the Tails Doll is sealed inside my body with an ancient spell. The spell holds for now, but know this; the Tails Doll is not the only demon hiding in an unexpected place.


Stay Safe, AK

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