Quick! You have to read this! I've read most of the stories on your site and this is absolutely mad!

As soon as I saw this site advertised on I thought 'WTF is the tails doll?' About 3 weeks later I got Sonic Gems collection. I had known of the terror of Sonic R's infamous Tails Doll by then, but this game's uncursed right? WRONG!!! I loaded Sonic the Fighters first. Average. Then Sonic CD, which I had been trying to get hold of for AGES! That was kind of rubbish. I played Vectorman. Awesome! I then played the Racer. I played as Sonic as he is the fastest. I unlocked Radiant Emerald and 5/7 Chaos Emeralds pretty quickly, and then soon unlocked M sonic, Egg robo, 6/7 chaos emeralds, then the curse... 

I made a mistake... PAH! "That site was telling lies," I thought, but I was wrong. I completed the Radiant Emerald with all the characters I had unlocked so far. Then I'd unlocked the last chaos emerald and M Knux. I completed the course with all 10 characters! I exited the game, saving of course. Then I checked my picture museum. On the site I saw loads of stories about the characters missing and sure enough, the Tails picture from the museum was missing! 

In its space it said: Hint: Complete the museum. You cannot view this yet.

It took a while, but when I finally cleared the other games, the picture was still missing! I rechecked the hint. It read: Hint: Play Sonic R one last time. You cannot view this yet.

Well fine! It is my favorite game on Gems! I'll play! That's when I realized the truth of these stories. I played as Tails Doll on all the courses and did the laps on time attack under 1 minute. That's what it wanted wasn't it? I rechecked the museum. It had the Tails picture unlocked but it looked different somehow. It had a red chaos emerald? 

THATS THE TAILS DOLL! There is no tails doll pic! I checked GFAQs nope! No TD pic! 

I had downloaded game maker a few weeks ago. What does that have to do with it? Well, the extras have Sonic music... There wasn't enough. I searched the web further... Can you feel the sunshine... Livin in the city... Regal Ruin... Reactive Factory... Supersonic racing... ACK! the Tails doll is behind me... I'm...- 

Tails doll typing... SUPPORT OR I WILL KILL YOU!

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