While my Sonic R for the PC was never possessed, maybe because it was the Expert Version 2 that was released, the evil plushie has ventured across consoles and franchises to haunt me.

Having not heard of the curse, my friend and I played Sonic R on Sonic Gems Collection for hours at a church during the summer. One day, I showed up with my own memory card, but also my Game Boy Advance, a Copy of Megaman Battle Network (MMBN) 4 Blue Moon Edition, and a special Japan-only accessory I had imported, a Battle Chip Gate (BCG) which allowed additional weapons to be added to MMBN 4 through little chips that resemble Gamecube Memory Cards in a way. Little did I know I would be saving much more then a non-existant world with it. 

After copying a complete Sonic CD and Sonic the Fighters files over to my card, we cleared all of Sonic R except getting Tails Doll, we copied that over to my card, I let my friend borrow my Game Boy, MMBN 4, and BCG for the rest of the day, took my own memory card home, and went to sleep. 

When I returned to the church the next day, our gaming room was surrounded in yellow crime scene tape, but the scene was cleared by the Police Department. The night shift clerk said my friend played all night. She had heard mutterings of "deleting Sonic CD files" and "clearing Tails Doll". She then claims to have heard my Gameboy turn on, some gaming, and then the click associated with the Battle Chip Gate. Then screams of "WHO ARE YOU?" 


My friend was out cold on the floor, with the Game Boy playing an Upbeat tune and with a screen saying "You're Mine." 

Thinking these claims over, I remembered that there WAS no upbeat defeat tune and that I'd forgotten to leave the other BCG tools behind, so he couldn't use the Gate, yet the Clerk definitely remembers hearing both. I peeked into the room, and noticed that my friend's memory card was gone, yet the rest of the GCN material was left behind. I asked where they took the Game Boy and accessories, and the police had left them for me, thinking someone snuck in and knocked my friend out, hoping to kill him. I turned on my GBA, and the usual startup occurred for the game, until I pressed "Continue". Megaman was just floating in a red gem-like area. No commands would move him.  

It was then when I noticed that my friend's memory card was jammed into the BCG, I removed it, and a battle started. The enemy was marked as "TDsoul" and it resembled a Tails Doll mixed with Megaman. I couldn't activate any of Megaman's attacks against the plushie, so I tried the BCG, my attempts to mix Megaman with Protoman failed. Seeing no other choice, I jammed MY memory card, with completed CD and StF files without Tails Doll unleashed in R, into the Gate. The seven time stones floated down and then activated my failed Protosoul (Protoman/Megaman fusion) as "TimeProto".  

Defeating TDsoul was no problem once the time stones came to my aid. After the battle was won, the game didn't show the usual "Enemy Deleted" text, it showed something different yet again. "Power Granted" was what it was telling me, 7 streams of color blasted of the Gameboy and circled me. Then all was black. 

After that day I've been on the run.

I have the power of the 7 time stones, from which Tails Doll draws his power, as long as he faces a good intentioned person holding at least one Time Stone, he will be weakened. For me, the stones aren't in their usual glittery form: I am TimeProto, the crimson warrior dedicated to protecting humanity from the evil one. I will free those who are his minions; I will find a way to beat him once and for all. Any updates concerning the battle will be sent to this site 

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