--Susan A. Petersen

Mad Science of McHenry County

Hands-on, Minds-on Science!

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Jimmy was a good lad, had perfect grades, and always did what he was told. One night at dinner, Jimmy's mom had a gift for him -- his very own copy of Sonic R!!! Jimmy couldn't wait to play it, so he ran up to his room and hit the power button on his dusty Sega Saturn. 

He hadn't been playing for more than five minutes when a tapping sound was struck upon his window. He paused the game and opened it to see who was there. The only thing out there was a small doll resting on his windowsill. He picked it up and realized that this doll was in the game he was playing. It was Teddy Tails!! He picked it up and was happy until the doll sunk its evil teeth into his flesh. He yelped and flung it across the room. It came floating back at him! He kicked it away but it kept coming closer!  

"Get back," Jimmy hollered, but the murderous menace continued to float closer. 

Jimmy backed up and tripped over his Sega Saturn cord. It shut off. The instant the screen went black, the doll fell to the ground in a heap.  

The next day Jimmy smiled proudly, for he knew that he was rid of the cursed doll forever. He had taken scissors and hacked the doll to bits. He came home later and saw to his horror, the doll sitting on his bed smiling. To make matters worse, he heard the lyrics, "Everybody's Super Sonic racing..." His Saturn was on! He ran to turn it off but it was too late. The doll leaped up into the air and landed on poor Jimmy's back. 

No one ever saw Jimmy again...

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