I beat Sonic R in one hour as Sonic and Knuckles, and was going to play my copy of Sonic Heroes when I noticed something strange. On the back there were some extra team names and pics of them. This is three of them.

Team Cybertech (which had several fan characters of mine)

Team Tails Doll

Team Metalix

When I started the game up, it said to press A, R, L, B, Y, Z, and A in that order. When I pressed it during the title screen, it went to one player mode, and challenge mode was replaced with "Story Mode 2." I selected that mode, and several teams (about 8) were available. Most consisted of Sonic fan characters. Some weren't even mine. However, two were real Sonic characters.

To my horror, Team Tails Doll consisted of three Tails Dolls. Team Metalix had Metal Sonic, Robo Knux, and Tails Doll. All four Tails Dolls were glaring at me, ready to attack, though they didn't. I heard a strange voice, similar to Shadow's, but more faint and in a way suited Tails Doll. 

The voice came from the first Tails Doll! It wasn't in my head either. "You have broken one of the many seals that restrain me from escaping. I shall spare you, and reward you, but there is a price," 

I didn't listen to the monstrosity, thinking this was just in my head. I selected Team Cybertech, and started in a new area called New Cybertech. The mission was to "escape New Cybertech!". When I played, the area was a futuristic area, similar to the third level in Sonic Heroes. As Regal, which was my speed character, was attacked by a new enemy, I felt a sharp pain in my left arm, which was the same place the enemy attacked Regal.

I continued through the stage, and lost a life. I quit and switched to Team Tails Doll. Things were only stranger when I used this team. It was easier though, as any enemy in a 10 feet radius was instantly destroyed. When I beat it, three Tails Dolls were behind me, and "Living In The City" played.

They tried to kill me, though I was able to dodge them. I noticed a katana near me -- one I swore I had sold 2 or 3 years ago. I picked it up, and stabbed one of the creatures, making it dissolve. I attacked the other two, destroying them as well. 

More started to come though, and I destroyed them all. Living In The City then stopped. More Tails Dolls started to come each day, and I destroy them all. Yet more almost kill me each time. Never play Sonic R and beat it with Sonic and Knuckles, or face what happened to me. 

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