My story will shock you to the core. It started two weeks ago, after just reliving some classic moments in Sonic Mega Collection, I made it my goal to acquire every single Sonic game known to mankind.

What a fool I was.

My first game that I purchased since the Sonic Mega Collection was, as if by fate, Sonic R for the PC. 

I played it, and beat the game easily with every character (Including the Tails Doll) in less than a day. Remember, this is two weeks ago. Over the next week, I continued to use all the money I had from various jobs to complete my collection. (I even found an old Sega Saturn, and Mega drive, at a car boot sale) 

I brought Sonic R for the Saturn, but never played it.

It was time for me to go into the new games…

I brought Sonic Adventure 1 + 2, and then went on to purchase Heroes.

And then… Sonic Gems Collection came out.

Now it's exactly one week since I brought Sonic R, and Sonic Gems. I noticed Sonic R on the list of games, and groaned; "Why is this here?" I asked no one in particular, before selecting it.

The screen fuzzed, and died. My PC switched to life, and I saw Radical City at the starting line. I looked at my new Sonic collection, and hastily opened the box of PC Sonic R.

The disc was in the box.

I sat down in front of the PC, tried every way I knew to turn it off… But none worked. And then, I saw him running. The words; "Lap 7" appeared on the screen, and I realized that it was indeed my seventh day since my first play.

He ran, in that slow dancing style, towards me. And then stopped at the screen.


I blinked. He did not.

His eyes we're cold and lifeless. The jewel on his head glowed, and then faded.

I turned off the screen, and ran from my room in a hurry. I approached my parents, and told them of the horrible sight and they came to my room. There was nothing on the screen.

My PC was taken away from me by choice, and is now locked away in the attic to this day.

But that was merely my first encounter. At school the next day, I sat in my seat and looked at the black board. The teacher started to draw a sketch, and when he stopped, he shook his head and fell into his seat.

We crowded around him, terrified that he was hurt. He claimed he felt faint and muttered something about the chalk. 

I looked at the board. It was the Tails Doll. Staring at my seat.

The next day, I found the courage to play Sonic Gems Collection, and stayed away from Sonic R and instead played CD. When I had completed it, and it was the end FMV sequence with the long version of "Sonic Boom", I sighed and lay back to watch the credits.

I was once again the best.

As it came to the scene with Sonic racing Metal Sonic, the screen froze and it shuddered and twisted into the end scenes of Sonic R when you completed it with Tails Doll. 

And he was holding something.

Sonic R for the Saturn.

I realized it was the only one I had not played, and in doing so it had sparred my life. Gems and the PC version had given it two thirds of its power, in less than two weeks, and unless I play Sonic R for the Saturn in the THIRD week… I am safe.

So, word of advice…With the Tails Doll now split in three, do not try and complete its power in the same number of weeks.

Or you to will see the laps…

...and feel the sunshine.

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