It was kind of spooky actually...When the Sonic Gems Collection came out... I used to be a Tails Doll lover… it was cute…I couldn't resist…I never heard of the curse until now…I feel so sorry for what happened that day.

I had a friend who played Sonic R on the Gems Collection. She's in the hospital, now. Somebody else who played it, wound up the same. In fact, there after 10 injuries total, I called my friend who was sick and couldn't go to school. He said he was playing Sonic R -- that wretched thing!

"Dude! You haven't you heard about the injured players?"

"Ha! It must have been accidents or something. The curse isn't true," he told me.


"Yeah, whoever plays as Tails Doll gets cursed. What a load of bull!"


As we talked, I heard his TV start playing "Can You Feel the Sunshine."

He screamed in shock.

I heard something go "Shcrumpchy..." Or something....


I hung up after that. It was so scary; I slept with my mother that night...

I'm only 13 so....

After the next day, he was in the hospital with stomach stab wound.

Now, I'm warning you, do not play this game! Throw it away, burn it....DO SOMETHING!!!!! PLEASE!

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