This story serves as a sequel to Q&B021: Sisters Gotta Have Your Back by Spirit

It's me, Spirit again. It seems that the Tails Doll made me an essential target. I have had encounters with him in public but he hasn't tried to kill me. Here's more.

After the incident, he went after my sister. I had been with my big sister alone. My parents and little sister had gone to get me Sonic Heroes. We were watching some episodes of SatAM.

We were at the episode "Super Sonic" when we noticed there was a red jewel and two blue eyes. They went after Sally in the episode, it wasn't suppose to happen. After a while we saw the Tails Doll. The TV started to get static and the other appliances started to go on the fritz.

The appliances started to combine and shape into a metal Tails Doll! The thing attacked me but my sister took a lighter and stuck it in its eye socket. It burst into flames.

The flames disappeared after 10 seconds and it started to melt slowly. It started to move a bit slower every second. It threw some of it's metal coating at my sister, which sunk into her skin. 

The metal started to spread on her skin and she began to look like a standing metal female fox with cloths on. Everything on her, including herself, shrunk to doll size. She became a lifeless metal doll in front of me. 

I started to cry and the Tails Doll fell into bits of metal. That is how I lost my sister who saved me. After that, I often see a red jewel and two eyes in every dark alley.

I hope you will share this with everyone.


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