My story's setup is the same as any about the "curse": I was a huge fan of Sonic R, and had beaten it 100%. I was hooked.

As it happened, my school was hosting a Halloween party that night on the sports field. I decided to go as the Tails Doll. I prepared a costume, wore it, and off I went. 

By a strange coincidence (or was the you-know-what-doll playing with fate?), my friends- Sam, Steven, Edward, and Kevin- were dressed as Metal Sonic, Super Sonic, the EggRobo, and Metal Knuckles, in respective order. 

I decided to have a little fun, and suggested that we play "Tag 4 Characters" on the jogging track. I was "it". Everyone else got a five-second head start, then I dashed off.

To boot, the party's DJ got in on the fun and played none other than "Living in the City" from the Sonic R soundtrack. 

I managed to tag everyone. I forget the order, but I know I got Steven last. Everyone cheered, and we regrouped at the punch table. 

After the party was over, I tried to take off my costume, but I couldn't. Something- or someone- had merged me with it. I immediately phoned my friends and asked them to come over, and their situation was the same: their costumes had been infused into their bodies, rendering them impossible to take off. 

"Can you do something to get these stupid costumes off, Tim?" Kevin demanded. "I don't wanna be stuck as Metal K forever!" 

"I think this is all my fault," I told everyone. "I don't know what I can do to reverse this…wait! I just had an idea!" 

Approaching my Sega Saturn, I booted it up and did the only thing I could think of that could possibly undo the curse. I deleted my save file for Sonic R. 

Amazingly, it worked. The costumes came off immediately. My friends said they'd keep them for next year, but I didn't. I burned mine, so nothing like this would ever happen again. 

Deleting your Sonic R save file may have worked for me, but don't expect it to work for you. In fact, I doubt it'll work for me next time; the Doll wouldn't make the same mistake two times in a row.

Curses don't take holidays off. Especially when the holiday in question is Halloween.

-Timothy Allegro

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