I am the mother of an only child, a daughter. Her name is Sue. She plays Sonic R like mad, and I must admit, so do my husband and I.

It's not all fun and games, though.

One day on Christmas Eve, the tree was decorated, the stockings were hung, and everything was ready for Christmas. 

We had just finished a three-way multiplayer race of Sonic R. (My husband won, but that's not relevant.) Sue said she wanted to stay up late so she could take a photo of Santa when he came. 

My husband and I talked with each other, and decided to let her. We removed the Sonic R disk from the Saturn, though, so she wouldn't try that. 

The next morning, my husband and I rushed down to see how things turned out. Sue cheered that she'd gotten the photo, so we told her we'd get the film developed right after checking our stockings. 

To our shock and horror, all the stockings were filled with … copies of Sonic R. There must have been fifty of those games altogether. 

We didn't know what else to do, so we gave out the copies to our friends and neighbors after taking the film to Fotomat. 

When the film was developed the next day, Sue opened the envelope and withdrew the picture she'd taken of Santa. When we looked at it, we screamed unanimously. 

There, dressed in Santa's hat and clothes … was the Tails Doll.

My husband, Sue, and I all looked at each other. "Well, I guess that explains all the copies of Sonic R," I said with a laugh. 

The only thing scarier than the Tails Doll is the Tails Doll wearing a Santa outfit. Take my word for it; I've seen both. 

-Mary Zenninger

P.S. All those copies of Sonic R from our stockings were just as safe as those you could purchase from a store. Not that THAT's very safe. 

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