I was playing some Sonic Gems Collection before I left for work. Since I had little time to play games, I haven't done much in Sonic R yet. But one day, I decided to go and get the Tails Doll.

I knew about the curse behind the Tails Doll, but I heard that Sonic Gems Collection is safe. So I had no worries as I collected the coins with Tails. After collecting the coins and unlocking the Tails Doll, I saved and left for work. 

When I came back, I saw my sister playing my gamecube. But what surprised me was what I saw on the screen. She was playing Radiant Emerald, using the Tails Doll, and was chasing after the other secret characters in the Tag 4 characters game. 

Did she complete it 100% while I was at work?

Then she turned towards me. Her eyes were glazed over, like she was hypnotized. The sides of her face were all stitched, like she was a doll. 

"My master will soon be free. Once he catches Super Sonic, he will break Miyamoto's seal," she said. 

I tried to wrestle the controller from her, but she was able to easily push me back. I watched helplessly, as Super Sonic was touched. 

The screen went blank, as the Tails Doll used the energy taken from Super Sonic to break the seal. He floated towards me, as I held my breath. I was waiting for him to use his SLLLLUUUUURRRRPPPYYY on me. 

But it never came.

"I have no need for you," he said. "I have your sister, and the seal is broken."

He went back to wherever he came from, with my sister in tow. Since then, I have been trying to collect Time Stones in Sonic CD, so I can reverse what the Tails Doll as done.

Will I succeed?

Time will tell...

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