Freaky, yo

Well, I read the site. I read that the Tails Doll curse did not affect Gems Collection. Well, have I got a tale for you.

I loaded Sonic R, and as it began to load, I took in the music, singing along faintly. "Can you feel the sunshine, does it brighten up your day..." 

Wait, hold on a sec, I thought.

That music only plays in Resort Island! I looked up, and instead of the usual loading screen, there was just a red shine in the center of the screen, and the word "soon". Creeped out by this, I turned off the PS2, and went downstairs onto my computer, and started work on a sprite comic. The frame I was working on featured a few characters facing a group of about 30 assorted sprites. One of these 30 was a Tails Doll sprite, that I had saved a few months ago. Only trouble is, the Doll was not meant to be in the comic. I looked, and then there were more Tails Dolls in the crowd, until the entire screen was filled with the infernal creatures! 

I reset the computer in a panic, and when I logged back on, my entire Sonic folder had been wiped, save for one picture.

The Tails Doll... And the message..."More to come."

Don't be fooled by the advertising -- the curse haunts Gems Collection. Hmm, I'll be back in a second -- I think my Sonic plushie fell off the shelf.

Wait... Thats not a Sonic pl...

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