I always play Sonic R like mad. I really love it. Never have I had any run-ins with the infamous "curse", except for one day at the school prom …

As I entered homeroom a few days before the prom, I found a note on my chair. It said: "I saw you at school yesterday, and I can't stop thinking about you! Please go to the prom with me; my number is below."

There was a phone number on the note, and it was signed "Dot Lisall". I had not known any Dot Lisall, but I couldn't get any other date for the prom, so I went with it. 

Upon getting home, I called the number and connected with Dot almost immediately. We arranged for us to meet outside the auditorium; I asked how I'd recognize her, and she said she'd be carrying a game manual for Sonic R. 

I was ecstatic. I had a date who liked Sonic R as much as I did! I agreed to the date, and mentioned that I'd be carrying a game manual for that game as well. 

When I got to the prom, I saw Dot in person. She had yellow hair, and wore a mostly yellow outfit. The red ruby pendant around her neck was particularly beautiful. 

We danced together for who knows how long, and she was a lovely dancer. Several times, she approached the stage and asked the band to play "Can You Feel the Sunshine" or "Living In The City". The band gave her funny looks every time, and I don't blame them. 

After the dance, we went off in opposite directions. When I got home, I was practically in love with Dot Lisall. I spelled out DOT LISALL with my old alphabet blocks.  

I had to get in touch with Dot again. I went to the guidance office the next day and asked about Dot Lisall, but no student by that name was in the school. The closest they could come was Todd Lissinger. 

Once I got home, I called Dot's number again, but the number was out of service. I called the operator and asked about the number, only to be told that nobody had that number. 

My sister, meanwhile, had noticed something odd about the alphabet blocks. She called me over to look, then rearranged the blocks bit by bit, and soon the message began to take shape: 







I had spent the prom dancing with a curse.

-Mark Radical

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