It was another day at my house. I was combing my hair in front of my mirror and my younger brother, Alex, was playing Sonic R like it was the only video game that existed.

I had heard all the rumors about the Tails Doll curse, and so had Alex, but he always shunned them as "superstitious oatmeal." 

Nothing was out of the ordinary until I glanced in my mirror again- and nearly fell to the floor.

Why? The reflection gave me a perfect view of Alex and the Sega Saturn. Behind Alex was what looked like the Tails Doll himself, sneaking up behind Alex to kill him.

I turned and looked at Alex, but the doll was gone.

Looking back in my mirror, I saw the Tails Doll behind Alex again. I grabbed my hairbrush and, using the mirror's reflection as a guide, threw it at the Tails Doll. 

The hairbrush passed right through that red bulb thing on the doll's head, and he vanished. 

Alex paused the game and turned to look at me. "Susie, why in the world did you throw that hairbrush at me?" When I explained, he just laughed. "The Tails Doll junk again? That's just superstitious oatmeal!"

I folded my arms. "Well, that 'superstitious oatmeal' almost killed you. You should thank me for saving my life!" 

To this day, Alex still doesn't believe me.

-Susie Rebecca

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