This is my story of the closest encounter of the Tails Doll. I was at one of my friend's houses for a play day. He had a Saturn and a 99% completed Sonic R. I begged him to his limit to play it, so we did.

I didn't know about the curse and I just choose the Tails Doll. That is my only regret in life I want to change. When I went home I played Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on my Gamecube. When I played the final boss and I was using Super Shadow when my phone rang. I let it go and the answering machine picked it up. 

This is what it said:

"I know where you live."

Then the Sonic R Theme started playing. At the same time the screen on the TV started to flicker. On it was the Tails Doll. I was alone at the time. I tried to scream but my throat suddenly hurt. I couldn't talk. My entire body became numb and I fell to the ground lifelessly. I was still breathing but I couldn't close my eyes. 

The Tails Doll walked up the stairs to me, holding a knife. It was about to pierce me in the heart when my sister ran in. She saw what was happening and kicked the doll away. I was numb for an hour as my sister guarded me. She had thrown the doll in the fire to keep me safe. 

 I was spared by God.


The story continues in the sequel, Q&B029: Target by Spirit

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