I have come here to tell you of the terrible things that it has done to me and hope it will never do to you….

I was ten years old when I first set eyes on the Sonic R game. I had just received the cursed game for my birthday and was elated to find that it featured Sonic in another hi- speed game. I quickly opened the box and gently pulled out the CD case containing the game. After installing the game to my computer I clicked the icon twice and began playing Sonic R. Soon I was hooked on the game -- I spent hours on end racing around the tracks, finding balloons, and unlocking each character one by one. The Tails Doll interested me the most and I used it often. Sometimes I hummed "Can You Feel the Sunshine" over and over until someone yelled at me to stop. One day though after doing an all nighter on the computer trying to win the last race in order to complete the game, I found that the game and its case had disappeared. I asked my parents if they had moved it but they said that they hadn't seen it since yesterday. After searching for the game for hours, I retreated up to my room and laid down on my bed in defeat. 

"Where could it have gone," I thought "It's like it never existed…and I was so close!" I yawned sleepily. "so close…to beating the game." Just before I drifted off I thought I saw the Tails Doll hovering above my bed, its eyes fixed right on me. 

It was three years later after I lost the game and not much had changed, except for the fact that I had moved on from Sonic and was more interested in Shadow, old habits die hard I guess, my mom and I had moved after she left my father and taken me with her. After setting almost every thing up, I spotted a box placed curiously in the corner. Opening it up with ease I found my old Sonic R game placed right in the middle, it was odd how it was the only item in the box and how it just suddenly appeared after three years, but I didn't care -- I was just happy to have found it again. After booting up my old computer and putting the CD in the slot I hesitated before clicking the icon, something was telling me that something wasn't right, that if I finished this game something bad would happen. Shaking the feeling off, I half-convinced myself it was just a game and nothing more. I started playing..

An hour later I had completed the game and unlocked the last character. It had almost seemed like Super Sonic was actually trying to mess me up so I could lose, but with my already-great gaming skills I passed the finish a second before he did. I leaned back in my chair as it prepared to switch to the screen that showed who won and who lost but instead the picture began to blur and change until the picture showed a black and white field of grass. Farther away in the back appeared was the Tails Doll. My hands tightened around the chairs arms. "What the hell?!" I thought. The haunting melody of "Can You Feel the Sunshine" played softly from my speakers making the scene seem even more eerie. As the doll began floating towards me, its red jewel bobbing up and down, its body swaying back and forth, my eyes stayed transfixed on the screen unable to pull away. Soon it had drifted so close that I close I could make out every detail of the deranged plush fox. "You May have won the race but I am the real winner." The voice had come from the Tails Doll, but bypassed my ears and was heard directly in my head. Without warning the fox lunged at me and into my body, I let out a piercing scream and passed out.

The smell of blood aroused me from my sleep.

I gasped in horror as I looked around in shock to see blood was splattered all across the room. Some had been used to write "Tails Doll" on the wall. That's when I saw her. My mother was lying next to me, a large amount of blood surrounded her butchered body and in her hands was the Tails Doll. I threw up immediately, not being able to handle the sight. When I looked at my hands I saw I was holding a large butcher's knife completely coated in blood -- my mothers blood! I threw it away instantly and began crying uncontrollably. I had to leave. I couldn't stay there; the pain was too great. I stumbled back to my computer and stared at the screen it was still showing that same field but everything was in color. "Please," I sobbed, "just take me away." A bright light overtook the room, when it faded away I was gone. 

I live here now, in this world. The Flickies fly beside me as I walk through the fields of grass, Sonic and all the other characters live here too. They tried to keep me from finishing the game to save me, but now…it is too late. As I look up towards the glorious sun I wonder how such a horrible creature was spawned from this place. I beg of you do not play the Sonic R game, but if you do, heed the warnings from the characters. 

The Tails Doll works in different ways -- he may kill you, or he might kill the ones you love. In truth I don't know what the Tails Doll's motives are, but the only thing you need to know is that the Tails Doll is pure evil and will stop at nothing to get what it wants. 

And yes, I can feel the sunshine…

-Dark Rose

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