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The Tails Doll manifests itself in different manners; I have yet to see it in the real world…but it mocks me in the cyber one…

I beat Sonic R on my computer and was racing for fun on Regal Ruins as Super Sonic. I enjoyed bumping into Metal Knuckles to knock him off the road and make him come in last. In the 7th race I just let Metal Knuckles be and raced normally. I finished first…or so I thought! At the last second the order of players started messing up and as I crossed the finish line second…

"What?!" I thought, expecting Metal Knuckles to have outsmarted me. But no -- Tails Doll was first. The order was as follows: 

Metal Knuckles 5th

Metal Sonic 4th

Egg Robo 3rd

Super Sonic 2nd

Tails Doll 1st

On the victory screen the Tails Doll stared directly at me. I was more pissed then scared and exited the game in a hurry to cool off. 

The next day, I enjoyed a game of tag as Super Sonic in Radical City with my friend over. I tagged Metal Knuckles in the first 10 seconds, Metal Sonic shortly after and Egg-Robo easily. I only had to find the Tails Doll. The map showed him located in the ricocheting area where one of the coin is right before the slot machine thing. I looked for him for hours… 

Later I finally found him…floating there…outside the track, in the grayness of Radical City…it was staring right at me, floating there, motionless. That image always haunts me…

I never play tag in Radical City anymore…

This is entirely true -- all glitches in the game revolve somehow around the Tails Doll…don't be surprised if next time you are on Radical City the Tails Doll is missing…if you are alone…don't scream…it can taste fear… 

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