"Sonic Lover" tells us a tragic tale with a big body count...

Back when Sonic R had just come out, I worked at a video game store in Idaho.

A shipment of 50 Sonic R games came in. Not knowing what the consequences would  be, I put them on display in the store. They were all sold in a week or so. I kept a list of the customers who'd bought the game on a clipboard.

About a month later, the police entered my store and questioned me. It appears that  there had been about fifty murders that week, and the victims had all been found in  the same condition: in front of their Sega Saturns, which were always on with Sonic R  in them.

The police found my clipboard of Sonic R buyers, and someone mentioned that the list looked kind of familiar. They compared it with the list of people who'd been murdered.

It was a perfect match.

I was immediately taken into custody. Luckily, though, I was released, since nobody  could find any evidence other than the lists to connect me to the deaths.

I have since found out about the Tails Doll curse, and I wish I could have gone back in  time and stopped myself from putting those stupid Sonic R games on display. Well, it's too late now.

To the families and friends of the fifty victims ... I give you my deepest apologies.

-Ray Mariaki

Written by: Ray Mariaki (or "Sonic Lover")

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