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This creepy catch is from Dooblegem....

TD they called me. Maybe that's why I had this fate...

I played "Sonic R," all the way to the character.... The Tails Doll....

When I got the character, it seemed harmless enough... My friend was with me,  pointed out how my nick-name 'The Dragon' had the same initials as 'Tails Doll'. Two  dreaded initials I mentioned before, TD...

We laughed about it, laughed about me being the Tails Doll.

That night I lay in my bed, my eyes wide open... I didn't feel right, as If something was  in me that didn't belong... I heard a creak on the floor-boards and turned too see a  small figure, that reminded me of Tails, hovering towards me. The Tails Doll.

It raised a knife, held within it's bloody paws. I got ready too scream at the pain, yet it  never came. The knife went in and I felt nothing.... The Doll pulled the knife out and  started to pull open my leg at the cut. All I saw was white in there.

White stuffing.

A voice resonated in my head. "You'll need stitches on that."

When I woke up in the morning, my sides had massive stitchings down them....

The letters 'TD' were written on a toy maker's label coming from my leg....

Story written by: Dooblegem

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